What to Wear at a Wedding?

What are people doing for wedding’s nowadays?

It use to be the norm to spend money hiring out a tux, but more and more of our customers are choosing to wear a wedding suit on their special day. Whether you are the groom, a part of the wedding party or just a guest we have some tips for you!

For just a few hundred dollars more than tux rentals, you can have a personalized custom suit made just for you. It means you will have it to hold on to for the memories on your special day!

Choosing the suit option for the wedding gives a nice crisp, clean feeling without worrying about being too stuffy or uncomfortable.

With a suit you can wear it again and again, to multiple occasions, with multiple combinations; sports coat and jeans, shirt and slacks, full suit etc. 

Top tip! The groom, should always be in a lighter or darker color than the other suits to stand out a little more.

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