10 Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing for Success in Business.


Do wear a tie if unsure when meeting someone for the first time

Do wear a conservative suit such as Navy or Charcoal solid

Do wear a white shirt, it is a clean look and matches every time

White Shirt’s Are a Clean Look and Match Every time.

Do wear a dress shoe and match the color of your shoes to your belt

Do wear subtle socks as it is always the safest choice

Subtle Succes Socks

Do wear a suit that is in style and is tactful

Do wear a dress belt with proper dress buckle

Do wear a pocket square if you want to look more successful

Do wear French cuffs to add to the success look

French Cuff Success

French Cuff Success


Don’t wear jeans or kahki’s to meet for the first time

Don’t wear a crazy suit with lots going on

Don’t wear a shirt that has a lot going on in it, it can be distracting

Don’t wear Tennis Shoes or non-dress shoes

Don’t wear a non-dress belt or a belt that is different color than shoes

Don’t wear a wrinkled suit or shirt, it looks unsuccessful

Don’t wear a crazy tie

Don’t wear a lot of jewely, gold chains…it is tacky

Don’t wear a spread collar shirt, if someone is conservative they may not like

Don’t wear loud socks or non-matching socks…just saying

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